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          About Us

          Shanghai Aerospace Control Technology Institute (SACTI), is a member professional institute of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST), located in Shanghai Minhang aerospace city, covers an area of 32.5 acres.

          SACTI is mainly responsible for the design, production and experimental task of guidance, navigation and control system of tactical weapon, launch vehicles and satellites, and the mating single unit of manned spaceflight and moon exploration project. Relying on professional advantages, the flight control technology, photoelectric detection technology, inertial technology and servo control technology have reached the domestic advanced level. SACTI is the attached institute for two provincial and ministerial innovation platforms, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Aerospace Intelligent Control Technology and Research and Development Center of Infrared Detection Technology of CASC. Moreover, SACTI is the president unit of Shanghai Society of inertial technology and Shanghai Society of Infrared and Remote Sensing.                                          

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